Ethiopian Jewish communities all over Israel are emotionally and physically devastated.  This is nothing new for them, because they already had very difficult issues. But since Oct 7th, their needs are far greater.

Our congregation, Amud HaEsh, in Jerusalem is providing a bulwark of support in the midst of the storm.

Over 20 families currently have one or more children in the IDF fighting to protect Israel and defeat the enemy.  These young soldiers grew up in our congregation and many of them came from single-parent families.  We are mishpocha and are providing much needed support to family members left behind.

We have our meetings together for spiritual and emotional uplifting and physical fellowship.  And emergency food like teff (an Ethiopian staple) and dry goods, medical supplies, repairs, financial help, support and resources are being provided, counseling for psychological trauma, and so many other critical needs. Praise Adonai for community and provision!

We are getting these emergency supplies right now and the needs will increase as the war goes on. We are able to do that with your help.  Thank you and may Adonai bless you!

Please pray for these forgotten people. They need you.