Girmachew is one of the Beta Yisrael young men who was living with his older parents and siblings.

He has two younger sisters. Germachew is now 25 years old. He was helping his family by working hard labor daily, when he got a chance, if anyone hired him.

Our sewing education center in Enfranze gave a 6-month training for 50 youths at the end of 2022 thru  2023.  Girmachew was one of them.

Upon completion of his training, he searched for tailoring work for almost a year. He was just recently accepted into a small company who does uniforms for students and different companies.

He now lives in the suburb of Addis Ababa and is almost two months now in his new job. He is excited and thanks HIIM for the training that he got from our program. He said, “Praise the Lord now I have a steady way to help sustain my family financially”.

We thank all of you who make outreaches like these possible with your prayers and financial support.