Workie was living a village of Merawi near to Bahir Dar City in the Gojjam region.

Her parents are one of the Falash Mura families left over in Ethiopia. Her father wanted to make Aliyah to live in Beersheba. He encouraged Workie to go to Gondar to register in the Israeli consul to make Aliyah and hoped to send her sponsorship from Israel.

Unfortunately, three months ago the war broke out in Merawi and letters find out both her parents were murdered by a rebel group when they burned the villages. Now Workie lost her family and has no hope, even to go Israel. She is living with uncertainty every day.

She is one of many young Beta Israel girls that is living in limbo. Please remember them in your prayers. They are a group we are heavily supporting not just financially, but with emotional and logistical support.