Ruth is a 65 year old Ethiopian Jewish widow living in the Haifa area in a small apartment.  She has lived alone for over ten years.

Her two adult daughters live in the Tel Aviv area in Holon.   They don’t communicate with her regularly because one of them in a drug rehab center and the other is uneducated and struggling to make ends meet.

Ruth was emotionally broken and suffering from depression and one off our congregation members met her and told her  about Yeshua.  He prayed over her and she committed her life to Yeshua.

After two days he went to visit her and found her refrigerator and washing machine were broken.  So we decided to buy her both of them for Rosh Hashanah. She was very, very happy and thanked us for the generosity of HIIM.

She said, “no words could express my appreciation because the last 6 months  my washing machine hasn’t worked and I washed all my clothes by hand like in Ethiopia.  The refrigerator stopped working the last two months, too”.

Thank you partners for your generous gifts and kindness.  We wish you a happy Sukkoth and we pray in agreement with you for the desires of your heart that are in agreement with His will!