Achenef is one of the Falash Mura (Christian Ethiopian Jewish) from the village of Achefer.

All his family members left for Israel in Operation Solomon in 1991. Unfortunately because of his faith in Yeshua, he was left behind, with only his wife and 3 children.

He was okay for the time being surviving with his family in his village. But, 3 years ago, his village was attacked by Tigria rebels and his hut burned, along with the entire area.

Miraculously, he was the lone survivor out of his household, with the slight wound in the head. He lost his wife and 3 children in the burning.

After recovering from his wound, he came to Gondar hoping to register with the Jewish agency to make Aliyah. But, he unsuccessfully suffered in Gondar without hope.

The HIIM team is helping him to get shelter and basic food until he finds a solution for his future. Meanwhile, we tried to communicate with his family members in Israel who are living in Beersheva to sponsor him to come to Israel. His family was still very angry because he believed in Yeshua! Achenef needs your prayers and support.