I just came back from Ethiopia (SLIDESHOW BELOW).

It was very short, but effective, to encourage and support our people specially during the Holiday Season.  I couldn’t make into Gondar because the war made it untraversable and dangerous. But, I was able accomplish much right from Addis Ababa. A slideshow is above of trip photos and photos the leaders of Beta Israel gave me.

In Addis Ababa, Kechene area, I was able to visit some of the people who are waiting to make Aliyah to Israel. Some of them are almost done with the processes to go, but the war in Israel blocked them from leaving. So, I helped them financially and prayed with them.

This photo is our congregation in Jerusalem, Amud HaEsh (Pillar of Fire). They sent this photo for us to send to all our friends in America!

Have a Blessed New Year! We love you all SO MUCH!

Kokeb Gedamu

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