Left Behind with the Children

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Since Oct 7th, Israel has been hit very hard by terrorist attacks. Our ministers in Jerusalem went to some of the places where the rockets fired by Hamas.

Sarah has two children 5 and 7. Her husband Benny went to the border of Lebanon because the IDF called him to join the war.  She is now left with the children not knowing if/when Benny will come home alive.

Sarah is a full time stay-at-home mother and Benny can no longer contribute to the finances.

With Benny in the war zone she doesn’t have enough support to help her take the children to school. They go to two different. So, we decided to hire an Ethiopian cab driver to take and bring them back from the school every day until the war ends (which also helps the cab driver).

In addition, we helped her financially to buy groceries/supplies, toys for the children (to keep them distracted and playing when the are home).

Sarah said, “it is a miracle to get help from HIIM. They brought me a lot of hope that my husband Benny will come safely home from war zone”. She said, “this support and your prayers are a blessing from God “. Thank you partners because of your prayers and support, we can do a lot of encouraging and supporting of the hated ones in Israel, especially in Jerusalem. Blessings and prayers for you.