Beta Israel worshipping at Ethiopian congregation Gerizim Mount of Blessing International Church Photo 6

Last week, we returned from Ethiopia to serve our people.

The Northern part of Ethiopia is still a civil war zone with no transportation in or out of any Beta Israel villages. Fortunately, sometimes there are flights to Gondar and Bahir Dar.  But it is very dangerous for foreigners and someone who is a stranger in the area.  There are a lot of abductions for ransom. So my wife and I still couldn’t go deep enough into the area.  But God gave us wisdom to bring the local leaders and some of the wounded patients to Addis for treatment.
Almaz and Kenu were among the wounded women caught in the crossfire in Gondar villages. They needed special treatment in a private hospital. We flew them to Addis and put them in the hospital and now are under doctor supervision. They have to remain in the hospital 10 to 15 days. We really appreciate your prayers and support.
The second one was to find a lawyer for a serious legal issue in Enfranze village, a young man who is in jail with death. He has 3 small children, and his wife doesn’t have work and needs a lot of support. We managed to find him a good lawyer to help him to get out of prison. This family needs a lot of prayers and support.
Rabbi Kokeb Gedamu ministering to Beta Israel in Ethiopian congregation Gerizim Mount of Blessing International Church Photo 2

The other encouraging situation was to have revival conferences in Addis Ababa with Messianic congregations and churches in Hawassa. Many were touched by the Holy Spirit and healed from many sicknesses and delivered from demonic oppression. Also many came to salvation and we were blessed by God’s grace and mercy upon us.

Right now, I’m traveling to Israel to help and encourage our people and I’m planning to visit the North and Gaza areas. Please keep me in your prayers. If the internet access allows me I’ll give updated information from Jerusalem.