Growing Up In Israel

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Nahome’s parents made aliyah to Israel from Gondar in 2006.  They thought they would have a better life there.  Yet, the family had a difficult time integrating into Israeli society.

Work was hard to come by, so they lived with limited means of income.  Learning Hebrew was not easy.  Nahome felt different from the other kids as he grew up.  He also had a learning disability which put him at a disadvantage.  He got into trouble quite a bit and struggled with self image.

He’s now 17 and, thanks to the outreach of Ethiopian believers to the 2nd generation like Nahome, he has a community and is learning skills to give him confidence and a future.  He is surrounded by love and community and it’s making all the difference.  His parents are also getting tremendous support and they are feeling at home in Israel. . . finally.  We are mishpacha!  Learn more. . .