My recent trip to Ethiopia was very short, albeit effective, to encourage and support our people especially during Hanukkah.

I had a chance to visit Messianic believers in the Addis Ababa underground believers community and helped them and prayed with them.  The photo is blurred to protect their anonymity.

While I was there, the leaders from Gondar (Northern Ethiopia) and Bahir Dar (a town in the Amhara Region) came to Addis Ababa to meet with me. They updated me on the situations in both cities and the surrounding villages.

We discussed how we can help Beta Israel in the Northern part of Ethiopia which is dangerous to access because of the civil war.

They can manage to feed the Beta Israel in small rotating underground home groups only. They can’t gather together in the usual larger groups because of the very dangerous situation of the war.

We managed to feed small groups in different places and dispersed financial support for the neediest. We are moving into the next with a different strategy: We are working on a way to access the most remote area of Gondar to assist the Beta Israel who are living the in the mountains.  Click here to watch the slideshow of the trip to learn more