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“No one shall appear before me empty-handed”
(Exodus 34:20)

Shalom Mishpocha,

The appointed time of God’s feast days is very important because each year God has a special favor to release from heaven to His people. 

We are about to enter the appointed feast times soon.  

Most believers do not give attention to the word of God especially when they celebrate the High Holidays; however, it is very important to pay attention to the commandments that come especially directly from the mouth of Adonai because He wants to bless you. 

When the Lord said in His word to come with an offering to Jerusalem, it is not because He needs it; but it is because He abundantly wants to bless you with divine health, finance, families, and all the needs you are looking for on earth. 

So, let’s do something for the poor during the high holidays to provide them with basic things on the high holidays.

We personally and deeply appreciate your gifts to our people. 

Please donate today and also send your prayer requests and they will be placed in the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Be blessed in Yeshua!

Kokeb and Menalu

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