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Our Mission

is to give the Beta Israel in Ethiopia dignity and hope.  It is to show them that they have intrinsic value, transform their lives, introduce them to the 21st century, and see them live as the rest of the world lives.

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Together, we’re transforming the lives of the Beta Israel.

humanitarian aid

The conflict in Ethiopia and the adjacent nation of Sudan has led to the displacement of a vast number of individuals from their homes.

fresh water wells

In Ethiopia, water issues are significant. During summer, when the rainy season is finished, villagers suffer tremendously attempting to find water from filthy rivers.  

Cattle project

The majority of the Beta Israel community lived for decades in very remote areas, so they’re main work was always agriculture and raising cattle.

sewing machine project

We’ve been providing sewing machine training for Ethiopian Jewish youth and women to give them a skill to help them stand on their feet and acquire permanent work.

Recent News



Begashaw is a single man from a Beta Israel family living in Humera village. He left Quara 10 years ago because of war and terrorism from surrounding people. He was working as a blacksmith until two years ago, when the civl war erupted. He was caught in crossfire and...



Mintamer is one of the leftovers from a Falash Mura family who is living in Dabbat village in the Northern part of Ethiopia. Some of her family members left Ethiopia during Operation Moses in 1984 through Sudan.  She is a widow and has no children. Her Husband was...

Mother’s Day and Israel Nat’l Holiday Msg

Mother’s Day and Israel Nat’l Holiday Msg

To all the beautiful mothers everywhere . . . we love you and wouldn't be here without you! May you ALL be blessed to overflowing today and EVERY DAY! Love, Kokeb and Menalu - House of Israel International Ministries Starting at sundown today thru the end of May 14,...

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