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The Lord is doing great things through the storms. As you know Israel is without a government almost for a year. Three elections with no winners. Despite all this God has His way of performing miracles and breakthroughs to the forgotten Ethiopian Jewish in Ethiopia.

Recently the temporary government decided to bring 400 people from Ethiopia, even though; they declared a year ago to bring one thousand. Of course, something is better than nothing. So, we are so happy and grateful for the four hundred Ethiopian Jews that come home to the land of Israel.

But we need to pray and ask the Lord to bring to Israel, over twenty thousand Ethiopian Jews left in Ethiopia in very remote areas and desperately needĀ help to survive.

We are praying to Yeshua for the government to be moved so the restoration of our people come to fulfillment. The Beta Israel’s three thousand years’ dream to come to Jerusalem must come to pass as it is prophesied in Isaiah 11:11.

God is faithful, and please continues to pray and support our effort to restore the forgotten suffering Beta Israel of Ethiopia.

In Israel, the challenges of the youth and the broken family problems are growing from time to time among Ethiopian Jewish who are living across Israel.

My wife and I felt to move Tel Aviv area from Jerusalem to plant another congregation to help the struggling drug addiction and alcoholism. According to the government, over 6% of Ethiopian Jewish children did not finish school.

In some prisons over 40% of the prisoners are Ethiopian youth from the ages of 15 to 18. Actually, we are the minority of minorities from other countries’ immigrants Jews. In prisons, the Ethiopians youth are the second-highest prisoners after the Palestinians or ArabĀ Israelis.
We have to act with diligence to change these situations for the youth and the State of Israel as soon as possible.

We know that the answer to these youths is Yeshua. So, we are going to plant Hebrew speaking Ethiopian Jewish congregation in Tel Aviv soon.

Please pray for us and stand with us with your financial support and commitment.

We believe 2020 will be the breakthrough year to our ministries in both Ethiopia and Israel. Because God has a way through the storms. Nahum. 1:3-7

Thank you for your faithfulness and prayers.