We’re Halfway There!

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 Ethiopian Jewish communities all over Israel are emotionally and physically devastated.

This is nothing new for them, because they already had very difficult issues.  But since Oct 7th, their physical and emotional needs are far greater than we have ever seen.  We are getting calls from all over Israel and especially the Southern Border towns that have been hit hardest by Hamas. Ashkelon and Beersheva are other areas hard hit.

When war breaks out in Ethiopia OR Israel, we move very quickly to meet the needs of the Beta Yisrael being impacted, because they need someone standing up for them.  They are not assertive and bold to communicate, like other Jewish peoples, to ask help for help. So, most of them like to ask someone who speaks Amharic or their native language. My wife and I got a lot of phone calls and requests for help.  

We provide emergency food, medical supplies, utility, auto and home repairs, financial help and congregational support and resources for the elderly that cannot leave their homes, counseling psychological trauma, and so many other critical needs.

We are getting them emergency supplies right now and the needs will increase as the war goes on. Our first priorities are the elderly, widows, single parents to get them secure with enough food and medical supplies and financial help and we will help more as donations come in. 

$500.00 in assistance is the average baseline of what we want to assist each family with and we currently have 100 individuals in queue.  There are 1000s more who need help beyond them.  It’s up to the Lord how many we can assist!  The following was my immediate list of who we wanted to help and we have already cut this list in half!  Praise God:

1. I would like to help 15 Ethiopian Jewish families for food each $1000,00

2. In Beersheba the parents whose sons were killed Oct 7th $ 5,000,00

3. The border of Libanos-area families whose husbands went to war zone / 10 families each $1000,00
4. For those injured in hospital, 5 families in central Israel each will get $1000,00
5. For those who have damaged furniture/cars for two families will help them $5,000.00 each
6. For medical support $5000,00
Total for emergency fund $ 50K.  We are now halfway there!  Bless you!
We might give them in the form of gift cards for the food or check, wire to them.
Thank you again for your dedication and support. Please pray for these forgotten people. They need all our support!