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Ayelech is one of the Beta Israel who came 10 years ago to Israel. When she came she was in an absorption center near Jerusalem. When she came to Israel she had one little daughter and her husband Abebe.

After 5 years in absorption center they moved to Beersheva city to live permanently.  Unfortunately, Abebe died from an unknown disease.  Ayelech and her 12 year old daughter were left alone with no help.
Our representative in Beersheva approached Ayelech, and her daughter Kenu, and brought them school supplies and clothing.
Ayelech was touched by the love of Believers and accepted Yeshua as her personal savior,  praise the Lord.  And two months ago she took immersion in the Jordan River.  Ayelech and Kenu need a lot of support because life in Israel gets very expensive.  They need your prayers and support. Thank you for helping with these precious young people and giving them hope!