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Most of the Beta Yisrael community lived for decades in very remote areas, so their main work was agriculture and growing cattle for living. When they left their village to make aliyah they lost all of what the had.  In the city of Gondar and Addis Ababa, they couldn’t find work and a place to live.

Most of them, including women, tried to do labor work.  But it is very hard for them to make a living with the labor, especially women. So HIIM provides animals to give them hope and a means of living for their family.  In some case the animals were working animals.  In other cases, where they were not working, they eat them instead because of lack of daily food. 

HIIM got a plot of land to start a cattle program and help the Beta Israel.  This will give them work, as well as different animals to own through training.

To buy one cow $1000-1200
To by ox $1000-1500
To by goat $500-700
To buy sheep $500-800

One year of food for one animal costs $1000. This program is a great help, especially for the Beta Yisrael women and the elderly.  Our goal is to teach them how to make fish instead of giving them fish.

Please stand with us and help us to make a difference and do the Mitzvah of Yeshua! Matt.25:31-40


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