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We are living in the end-time era. Israel celebrated seventy-two years since the birth of the state.

The dry bones are beginning to walk and spiritual revival will be next to the Jewish people in order for Yeshua to come back.

You are living in a generation that holds the responsibility of reaching out to our people in any way you can.

Because of Covid-19, we are experiencing unusual challenges in our time. We were not able to celebrate the Passover and Independence Day with our families and people have not been able to gather together in their place of worship because of the lockdown.

My wife and I, have been busy every day, encouraging people with the word through zoom and the telephone.

We need your help to pass and endure the Covid-19 challenges. With your help, we can continue to help people physically and spiritually both in Ethiopia and in Israel.

Please pray for us for we have a lot of responsibility in both countries.

We are asking for a special Covid-19 donation of any amount, as the Lord guides you.

Praying for you in the Holy Land.

Menalu and Kokeb