Going to Gondar in 2022 (12-06-2021)

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“For we are God’s co-workers; you are God’s field, God’s building.” (1 Corinthians 3:9.)

Dear  Mishpocha,

How grateful we are for our Lord Yeshua, who protects us during unpredictable and difficult times.  The year 2021 is on its way out, and many people perish with the coronavirus. In the United States of America, over 760,000 people died.

I believe that we are at the beginning of the end times described in Mattew 24.

For the last two years, Israel faced difficult journeys; such as terrorist threats, war, and the Pandemic that paralyzed Israel’s economy.

Tourism was highly affected, which affected the Ethiopian Jews because most of them work in Hotels, restaurants, buses, and cab drivers industries.

Ethiopia has been under civil war for over a year.   The Northern part of Ethiopia, the home of Beta Israel, was destroyed, living many men dead, and many women and girls raped.

It is heartbreaking to see all the clinics and schools gone because of evil people.

As I mentioned last month, my wife and I were in the war zone helping our homeless Beta Israel community.  Over 2 million people are displaced only in the Gondar area alone.  They lost all the little they had.

The war is still going on, and we need prayers and support.  We are planning to be with them in January with more support and food.

WE want to raise $50K toward the January trip.  Will you be standing together on this mission?

We can make a difference together.

May the Lord continue to protect you.

Shalom, and we love you!

Kokeb and Menalu