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In Ethiopia, water issues are significant.  The people in the Gondar area drink very dirty water. The river is used for drinking, bathing, washing and sharing with animals.
That is why a lot of children and elderly people die everyday with infection and different viruses (from dirty water).  During summer, when the rainy season is finished, most of the women suffer tremendously attempting to find water from filthy rivers.  Most diseases in the villages came from unclean water.  In some areas the women have to walk one or two hours to find clean water.
Over the past decade, HIIM has dug over 20 wells in 10 small villages.  We saved many children and elderly from death.  The fresh water was was also used for their animals and washing clothes.
We have a small well digging machine that can dig 40-50 feet deep. We are moving into the next phase to provide more deep water wells that can last for a long time. So we are looking for sponsors for this wonderful project to help many more people.
The last two years in northern part of Ethiopia erupted Civil War, that makes things worse for the Beta Yisrael communities. Most of them are forced to leave their village and all men have to join the war by force.  So, a lot of women are now without their husbands and children are without their fathers. We stand with them wherever they are to give them hope and means of living. Please stand with us to save life. Matt. 10:42
The cost of shallow water well is $10,000-15,000
The cost of deep well water well is $15,000-20,000
Most of the Beta Yisrael live in very high mountain areas which is very difficult to transport all the equipment.  That’s why some areas cost us a lot.  Thank you for standing with us with sacrificial gifts.  If you sponsor a well we would like to dedicate the well in your name.  Donate here