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Change a Life Today

We are living in a very exiting prophetic time. Isaiah 11:11 and Zephaniah 3:10 prophesied thousands of years ago, that the Ethiopian Jew or The Beta Yesrael African Jew would make Aliyah (immigrated.) The miracle happened when massive air lifting Ethiopians were taken to Israel during Operation Moses from Sudan and Operation Solomon from Ethiopia.

Now, over 150,000 Beta Yesrael are residing in the Holy Land of Israel.
Life is not easy for the Ethiopian Jewish community in the promised land. The culture, language, modern society as well as food difference brought a challenging life and discouragement.

The young generation have lost their hope and can’t see their future in the land. The result of these have led many into alcoholism, drugs and a life of criminal activities and imprisonment. Over 40% of the prison population are young Ethiopian, ranking 2nd after the Palestinian prisoners.

Let me tell you about a couple of family’s stories so you can understand their situation.

1: Abebe and Aletash lived in a very remote area in Quara village near the Sudan border. While in Quara they had a very peaceful marriage with their 4 children. Even though they were poor they had full Shalom and understanding with each other. Their children were 5 through 12 years old when they made Aliyah in 2011. They started their new life in the observation center outside of Jerusalem.

The children started school and slowly the 12-year old boy and the 10-year old girl started moving in the wrong direction by connecting with bad influence friends in school as well as the surrounding areas. Specially, Abraham started sneaking out of school and getting involve in drinking and drugs.
As a result of that, before he finished high school the police caught him with his friends in a murdering crime. Now he is in jail for 20 years because of this crime.

The family’s life became even harder when the Father Abebe left and try to leave by himself in Beersheba with another woman. However, life was not easy for him, so he killed himself last year.
Aletash, now is left with her 3 children. Furthermore, the daughter who also is involve in many bad things have been sexually abused by different people. As a result of these things, she became depressed and sleeping day and night, not willing to go out to find a job or to go to school.
Now Altash is struggling to provide for her children’s proper guidance and financial needs. She is very broken and lost hope about her children future and herself.

Amud HaEsh Ministries is trying to stand on the gap to help this family with spiritual and physical needs. Your prayers and support are very essential to restore the Beta Yesrael community in the Holy Land.

2: Girma and Fikre were married 10 years ago in Rehoboth Israel. When they started their new life, they were very happy and had the energy to stablish their future. They have two children 3 and 5.

Unfortunately, Girma hook with a bad friend and got involve in drugs and alcoholism.
As a result of that, he left his security work and became unemployed and can’t provide leadership in the house and financial responsibilities. So, Fikere tried to bring him back home to have normal life to be the leader of their house and be a good father to their two children.

But, Girma continue to ignore her advice and left the house and became homeless. Fikre now is left alone with big responsibilities toward herself and her little children.
Fikre is in a limbo to provide for her children’s spiritual and financial support.

Our ministry is standing with her and the two little children to provide comfort and help as much as we can.

We have many stories like these all over Israel among the Ethiopian Jewish community.

As most of you know, The Beta Yesrael are the poorest of poor and the lost of the lost.
We really appreciate your support. Shalom and Blessings from Jerusalem Israel.
Remember you have someone standing with you in prayers in The Holy city of Jerusalem.

Rabbi Kokeb Gedamu
House of Israel International Ministries, Inc.
Founder and President
P.O Box 461262
Aurora, CO 80046