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Almaz is a single mother who is living in Haifa with her son the past 12 years. Her husband passed away two years ago from a chronic disease.

Her son Abel was depressed and felt hopeless. So, instead of going to school, he spent time with bad friends who were involved in crime and drugs.

So, for Almaz, things went from bad to worse handling her son by herself.

She tried everything to bring him back to school, but it was not possible. One day the police arrested him and other friends with drugs. So, he went to a juvenile correction center in Hedera city.

After two years in the correction center, he came back to Haifa.  Then our congregation members found him and told him about Yeshua and he received Yeshua as his personal savior.

When he took discipleship lessons, he decided to bring his mom, Almaz, to the congregation.  Almaz was happy when she witnessed the change in her son.  She then also received Yeshua as her Messiah (who came to own His people to save).

Both of them took Mikvah in Jordan river and Abel is now studying at a hairstyle school to be a barber.  House Israel International Ministries paid all his needs for the school. In about 3 month, Abel will graduate and will have a job.  Thank you, partner, that you stand with us to change the life of young people in Israel and Ethiopia. Almaz and Abel  are living together with joy and thankfulness.

We want to be a blessing back to YOU.  Please use our contact form on this website to send us your prayer requests ANY TIME and we will pray for them and place them in the Kotel (Western Wall) in Jerusalem.